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Roll-n-Go's Model 4200 Rail System

Roll-n-Go's Model 4200 Rail System is for boats weight up to 4200 lbs. This is a ready-to-assemble marine railway system constructed of marine grade aluminum. The track is 4" high structural "c" channel. It comes with 4 - 8' 11" track sections (just under 36 ft.) Read our section on how to determine your track length. The track is 42.3" wide. The sections connect easily with specially formed brackete and the bottom end has a stop to prevent the carriage from rolling too far.

Systems so innovative, they’re changing the way small watercraft are launched, docked and stored.
               Roll-n-Go is an inventive answer to long-overlooked needs for better docking solutions.  
               Roll-n-Go delivers solutions no other manufacturer or product line offers.
               Roll-n-Go gets around tough docking issues and saves waterfront property owners time, effort and expense. Roll-n-Go Float Kits helps to convert boat ramps to floating docking systems.
               The winch end hinges to docks or shore walls. 
               Dock your boat completely above the water without expensive air pump style lifts – and without any outside power source! 
               Modular design lets you add additional floats for heavier boats. Make your ramp adaptable to most shorelines, simply choose from extensions, leg kits and wide support beam kits. 
                  Additional rollers with brackets are available for most models.
                  Self-Braking winches are also available for boat and pontoon models with 50 ft. cables. Models for virtually all small watercraft. From stand-up PWCs to Pontoon boats
                  All models are constructed of corrosion resistant marine grade  aluminum and stainless steel hardware. They are warrantied 5 years in fresh water
                  No matter what size system you purchase, all kits are easy to assemble with ordinary hand tools
                  Even if you do not have a dealer nearby, your kit will arrive in only a few days. All Roll-n-Go products ship by UPS Ground The possibilities are endless with Roll-n-Go’s extension kits, extra roller sets and support kits
                  Ask your dealer how Roll-n-Go can work for you or call our helpful customer service staff during normal business hours at (866) 876-5548

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